terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

E agora uma piadola privada

Investigadores da Universidade de Auburn, nos Estados Unidos, descobriram que os chinelos de enfiar no dedo podem causar problemas de saúde.A notícia está no Truemors:

Foot Problems for Flips-Flop Wearers

Bad news for those of us who live in flip flops during summer’s steamy days: researchers at Auburn University have discovered that the floppy footwear can lead to painful heel and ankle problems. Flip flops alter the way people walk as wearers scrunch their toes with each step, a repetitive motion that stretches the connective tissue between the heel and tow and consequently causes sole inflammation, heel spurs and tired footsies. Hmm, maybe we should all just deal with sweaty feet and invest in a pair of these hot kicks.