terça-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2006

Abrir e Fechar a Boca

Jackie what do you think, I just finished writting this but I mixed all the words and now I have no idea of how it was originally.

What should be up is now up
Idiomatic symptoms of idiocy may occur
I don’t like the feeling
It’s oh so simple, it’s oh so simple
Like playing guitar
This is really upsetting
Could not believe in some of the things this people say
I could spend hours looking at my watch
Believe it or not this is the real thing
A wig bought in a side street vendor
He smelled
I believe it is terribly difficult to work in those circumstances
But the main man knows, the main men knows
There has been carelessness and incompetence
Oh he is such a nice person…
Thanks but no thanks I'm a bit full
remember the time when we used to have good weather all the time?
Catch that ride

às vezes não te apetece distorcer a realidade só para ver se ela volta a ser como era?